Since launching in Houston in 2003, Oilfield Helping Hands has expanded to other areas of the United States that have an active oilfield community. Currently, OHH has four regional chapters including:

Select a chapter to learn more about each region, their officers and upcoming events and how you can get involved.

Feel inspired to introduce a helping hand into your oil and gas community?

Oilfield Helping Hands is working toward establishing chapters in other areas of the United States that have an active oilfield community. Expanding the organization to different areas brings about the opportunity for more people to host exciting events, network, raise money, and above all, give back to the oil and gas industry workers.

Here is how to get started:

Identify a need and interest: Determine if the surrounding area has a significant amount of exploration and production workers in the oilfield. If the region could easily benefit from an organization such as OHH, take initiative in speaking with co-workers, local oilfield related businesses and other various contacts within the industry to gather a select group of individuals interested in dedicating their time to OHH and its mission. This likely will be a group that can be called on to become the first officers to serve the new OHH chapter.

Establish a base: Each new chapter needs to determine a base to build on. This base includes defining a geographical region in which the chapter will serve and conduct, as well as a name for the chapter which reflects the selected area (e.g. Houston).

Get chapter approval: To claim the rights of an official OHH chapter, a meeting with all proposed chapter officers should be scheduled with the OHH Board of Directors for official review and approval of the new chapter. Meetings may be held in person or via video conference in order to present details such as the proposed chapter name, designated region, the area’s needs and interests and the individuals who have been appointed to lead as chapter officers. This will also be a time for asking questions and addressing concerns before moving forward.

For more information, please contact the Expansion Committee Chairperson.